Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Scoresby Halloween Party 2011

We love traditions!
Especially this time of year.
Uncle Ebay and Aunt Kristel always host a family Halloween Party.
It just gets better and better every year.
Its a blast for all.
Aunt Kristel spends a ton of her time planning and preparing for this fun night.
Uncle E-his decorations are way uber cool.
Their costumes are fab!

Aleah and Joshua were Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.

We had a few cons.


A cool 70's dude. (Richard let loose-it was hilarious)

Suz the hoola girl and her coconut shells.

  A dancing fireman.  AND this fireman can really dance.  He is not much into scarry!
A cute little esquitarian

Ash and her horse "Snickers"

Not sure what Amber was-but she looked great!

The kiddos- minus Meg, Mikayla, Conner, Claire, Rafe, Holland,
Cadie and Jake

A scarry reaper.

We played some way fun games- Pass the Pumpkin, A treasure hunt for the kids, Killer Wink and piniata.
We had some great winners for costumes and food.
Great night!
Thanks Evan and Kristel!

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Kristel said...

Evan's already planning next year :)