Monday, April 14, 2014

So My Birthday was this week!
I celebrated my "29th" Birthday again!
We celebrated yesterday with some of my friends!
Oz and Trudy made crepes and a beautiful birthday cake filled with Raspberry creme inside.
I feel blessed!  

If I have to keep turning "29" there is no other people I'd rather share it with!  I have a great family and awesome friends!

Friday, April 11, 2014

I sell on EBAY now!

I sell E-Bay now!  Yep it's true.  Steve gave me my first session tonight, and I have now listed 5 things onto EBAY.  It will be nice to hopefully make a little extra cash for the family.  He has his AMAZON sells, and now Im an E-Bayer!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Game is ON!

So, If you look at today's date which is April 8, 2014 and the last time I posted was in October 2011-you could say its been awhile.  I didn't realize that me not blogging made Stevie Wonder Buns sad.  He liked having a history of our family.  So, I have now put in my planner-a goal to blog at least once a week again-in an attempt to make Stevie happy. (Because he is worth it) :)

So we are now on "Spring Break"-Not alot is happening for us.  We are on a "Stay-Cation".  I did go to lunch with the little burrito.
He is always conning us into taking him out to eat.
Mason is now 12 years old.  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Scoresby Halloween Party 2011

We love traditions!
Especially this time of year.
Uncle Ebay and Aunt Kristel always host a family Halloween Party.
It just gets better and better every year.
Its a blast for all.
Aunt Kristel spends a ton of her time planning and preparing for this fun night.
Uncle E-his decorations are way uber cool.
Their costumes are fab!

Aleah and Joshua were Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.

We had a few cons.


A cool 70's dude. (Richard let loose-it was hilarious)

Suz the hoola girl and her coconut shells.

  A dancing fireman.  AND this fireman can really dance.  He is not much into scarry!
A cute little esquitarian

Ash and her horse "Snickers"

Not sure what Amber was-but she looked great!

The kiddos- minus Meg, Mikayla, Conner, Claire, Rafe, Holland,
Cadie and Jake

A scarry reaper.

We played some way fun games- Pass the Pumpkin, A treasure hunt for the kids, Killer Wink and piniata.
We had some great winners for costumes and food.
Great night!
Thanks Evan and Kristel!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Break in Utah

We had a totally fun fall break this past weekend!  We went up to the canyon for one last hoorah.
Had a fun picnic and went on a hike.

Mace was crazy!  Water was freezing and yet he still got in.

These girls are just beautiful.  What can I say. 
We did some Halloween crafts.
Watched "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".

We went to Cornbelly's and had a BLAST!

Those are my kids clear across the field on that bridge.  I was lost from them.

The little dude driving a tractor.  LOVE his neon green socks.
He was sure it would help us find him if he got lost.

Here is my sweetie-watching the kids play corn ball.

We went through mazes, went on hay rides. (Steve tweaked his back), watched the kids play on the jumping toys.  Yep loads of fun.
Spent a nice quiet Sunday at home. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Witchie Palooza

The witches are out at Gardner Village. We joined them.
We were not as witchy as some of the women,
but we sure had fun watching them.

Barb got a little frisky with this frightful guy.

I love hanging with my sisters.  They are some of my favorite people in the world.
The crowds were crazy and the costumes were fun.
We ate at Archibalds with all of the other zillion witches.
We had a fabulous time.

Look Whos 40!

   Suzi has a birthday--Shout HOORAY!
Look whose turning 40 on this  great day!

One year older and wiser too

Happy Birthday SUZI- TOO YOU!

Barb planned an amazing 40th Birthday for Aunt Suzi.   It was a surprise and totally awesome.  The great part is that no one spilled the beans and it really was a surprise!  The kids were excited.  We had a few practices of being quiet before she arrived.  It was great.  Barb did a great job in planning, and I think Suz had a great night. We were sad that our Arizona cousins werent there, but there was lots of laughter, good food, and fun.